Purchase Conditions

Purchase Conditions

Garmin / Kenwood Maps: GPS OKEY is a Garmin and Kenwood distributor. We will serve the latest version of maps, but in GPS OKEY we are not responsible for their updates and if roads or data are missing in the map update since we are not the manufacturers of the maps, the purchase amount will not be refunded for this reason. Likewise, the radar warning with voice (in compatible models) with the purchase of maps is a gift. If your GPS does not reproduce the voices or does not pick up the radar warning, it will not be a reason for returning the Map.

Returns of the purchase amount: the refund of the purchase amount (in case of payment in advance), will be only if we run out of stock and we have no way to serve the order.

In case Garmin stops working a GPS model and is discontinued. Never for reasons of delivery times (delays) as customer urgencies to receive the order on a certain date.

In the event that the online sale price is wrong and the payment of the order has been made, we will propose the new price to the customer and the customer will decide if he accepts the new price or the amount of his purchase is returned.

In the cases of the purchase of GPS, the “gifts” we give, Radars with voice, Topographic maps, are gifts. The client does not pay for them. In the event that a GPS does not support the voices of radars or Topographic Maps it will not be a reason for returning the GPS. That the GPS does not support these options (gifts) does not mean that the GPS is defective, since these options are not options that come from the factory.

In the cases of purchase of GPS OffRoad we give as OPTION to have Topographic maps Cards with an extra cost. To qualify for these offers on cards, you must add the amount of the offer (card or DVD) to the price of the GPS or the order. If this Extra is not paid, there is no right to the offer. Anyway our agents will inform you if you want the card or not before proceeding with the order of your GPS. If you do not pay the difference of these offers of cards and / or DVD or do not respond to the emails of our agents, the shipment will be what you pay for (the GPS). If after the GPS delivery the customer wants the offer, he will pay the price of the offer (card) + the shipping cost of the offer. GPS OKEY keeps the right to keep the offers of Cards or DVD with the purchase of GPS after the delivery of the same and the NO payment of the offers before shipping.

Returns of Radars with voice, Road Maps or Topographic cards are not supported as you buy digital content or Software in either download, cards or DVD format. Once the Software or digital content is delivered to the customer, returns are not accepted.

In case of buying Cards or other format of Speedometer or Maps Not compatible with GPS equipment, the return is not supported. Ask before buying from our technicians.

In the case of purchase of GPS equipment by customer error, returns are not accepted. All products have their description in the store with all its features. We recommend reading all the features of the equipment well before buying. Returns are not accepted because the customer does not read the characteristics of the equipment.

In case of legal claims against GPS OKEY of purchases such as a GPS and the customer benefits from the purchase of the GPS to obtain one of our offers as an 8 GB Card with topographic maps for € 10 on offer with GPS purchase, the The customer will pay the actual price of the product without offer, in this case (example) of 8 GB card with topographic maps, its real value of € 40. In case of topographic DVDs on offer for € 5 with GPS purchase, its actual price of € 30 without offer will be paid. The costs of return shipping are borne by the customer.

In case of failure of the equipment purchased under warranty, the equipment must be sent to the Garmin Technical Service to evaluate the fault. After analyzing the equipment Garmin will make the decision to fix it or replace the equipment with a new one.

In case of payment by bank transfer or deposit the return will be by bank transfer, for this the client will provide an account number to make the return.

In case of payment by the customer by PayPal, the return will be by PayPal, except when the order or purchase error has been served by the customer, charging the customer the fees charged by PayPal. In this case, these fees charged by PayPal are not disbursable amounts.

The shipping price may vary in case of shipping to islands or remote or more isolated areas. In this case, the new shipping price would be provided and the customer will have to pay the difference in the price of this shipment. In the event that the customer pays by PayPal and does not want to pay this extra price in the shipment, the amount of the purchase will be refunded by PayPal less the PayPal commission. If the client does not want to pay the new shipping price, he has already paid his order and the payment has NOT been by Paypal, the total amount of his order will be returned to the client for the iso order that made the payment.
In the case of budgets by phone or WhatsApp of GPS of Dogs (all ranges, Alpha, Atemos, etc) the postage will be free with orders of more than € 1,100. All the previous cases will be applied and the money will not be returned unless it is impossible to serve the order. If there is no stock as soon as we have stock, the products will be served. In case of partial deliveries of products, we will not charge shipping because we have to make 2 shipments. The customer will have to wait until we have stock for the total delivery of the order. If the customer decides to cancel a partial order, GPS OKEY is not obliged to return the money and will serve the total order. In the event that GPS OKEY decides to reintegrate a partial order and the order no longer exceeds € 1,100 the customer will pay the postage of the first delivery since his order changes and will not exceed € 1,100, so the customer can not Benefit from free shipping and the amount of the freight will be deducted from the partial refund for cancellation of the same.

* In the event that GPS OKEY accepts the return, the customer will pay the shipping costs to the customer and the return shipping will be done by the customer. Likewise, if the client has made the transfer or payment by PayPal, GPS OKEY reserves the right to return the money by the means that GPS OKEY decides. In case of acceptance of the return by GPS OKEY, the IDA and RETURN postage and management costs € 30 will be charged. If payment was made by bank card or PayPal, this commission will be charged to the buyer. Likewise, if Cards with maps and / or DVDs with maps have been supplied, the price of the same on the web will be charged and you will not be entitled to discounts for these cards and / or DVD for not buying or returning the GPS “

In case of change of equipment / s, and if a second change of equipment / s had to be made, IDA postage, RETURN postage will be charged and a management cost of € 40 will be applied.

Shipments returned due to incorrect order data on delivery. Orders will be sent with the data provided by the client. If any of these data for shipping / billing are incorrect by mistake when the customer enters them in their order and the agency could not deliver for this reason, the customer will pay the return postage to us and the postage of another new shipment by providing the data correct the client. Returns are not accepted for this reason. The customer will bear the cost of the return shipment and the cost of the new shipment.