Payment Methods


Bank deposit.

Direct bank deposit in Santander Bank.

When making the purchase you can choose this option.

Entry into Santander is immediate. This same day we ship.

Wire transfer.

When making the purchase you can choose this option. (Open Bank).

If you make a bank transfer from another entity to any of the accounts we have, in 1 day or 2 we will have it effective in our account and we will make the shipment.

Try to put the order number in the concept of the transfer.

Payment with paypal

When making the purchase you can choose this option.

Due to the fees charged to us by PayPal, this payment method carries a 3.8% price supplement for the fees charged to us.

If you do not want to pay this supplement, choose when making your order “Payment by Deposit or Bank Transfer” or “Card Payment”.

Once we receive the payment we make the shipment.

Payment with VISA and MasterCard Cards.

If you choose to pay by card, the customer’s order cannot be taken into account and will not be processed until the payment has been authorized by your bank or cashier. Online payment by credit card will be made through the bank’s security system, through its payment gateway, which encrypts your bank details when transmitted over the Internet. We accept any Visa and Master Card.

The bank details entered are encrypted and transmitted securely to the bank’s servers and, subsequently, they are verified with the issuing bank to avoid possible fraud and abuse. This data entry procedure is guaranteed by SSL (Secure Socket Layers) encryption technology, one of the most advanced and effective protection systems currently available, thanks to which no third party will have Internet access to this information related to data. bank entered by the client. Only the bank has access to the bank data linked to these payment methods, so GPS Okey does not know or record this data during the payment operation.