Certified shipments.

Certified mail to Spain for purchases of Maps and / or Radars.

Shipping Agency Transportation.

The rest of the GPS shipment will be by agency and the delivery will be 24/48 hours after receiving the payment if we have stock.

If the customer gives incorrect shipping information, such as city zip code, and the order must be rechanneled or resent, the transport agency will charge another shipment. Therefore, since it is a customer error, the customer will have to pay for another shipment.

For shipments outside Spain we have to price the price to the country of the shipment, approximate price € 23 and may have changes depending on the area to be delivered.

Certified shipping for maps and / or radars takes 2 days to provincial capitals and 3 or 4 days outside provincial capitals.

Please note that the delivery period starts from the moment we receive the payment. If urgent, choose payment method Bank Income (no bank transfer), PayPal, or Card payment.

Picked up at the store.

For free. Collection in physical store in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid). Place the order, pay your order and we will notify you when it is ready to be picked up.

Cash on delivery.

We have cash on delivery on radar cards and topographic maps with an additional cost of € 8 more. (Not applicable to purchases of GPS and Garmin Official Maps).

Note: check the data you fill in for the shipment. If the customer incorrectly fills in the delivery or shipping data, and the order is returned for erroneous data, the customer assumes full responsibility and the customer will have to pay a second shipment. Anyway, if the data is not correct the transport agency will contact to inform and we will provide you with the correct shipping data.